Another Day in Dream Land!

Karl finally has released "Another Day in Dream Land," his musical tribute to the work of Jun Ishikawa in the beloved Kirby series. This album aims to capture the unabashedly cute and fun spirit of Kirby music (particularly Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby Super Star). To add to the fun, this album was made entirely with SNES samples! Above all, this album's aim is to put a smile on your face. Click the image below to listen to and download the album!

Harmony of Heroes!

Hey everyone! "Harmony of Heroes," an epic 101-track Smash Bros. fan album is now available to download for free! We were lucky to be involved in this awesome project, contributing a fun reggae remix of the Balloon Fight theme by Hip Tanaka. The track is called "Full of Hot Air," and features Karl on drums and keyboards, Will on trumpet, Marty on sax, and our buddy Andrew McManimon on guitar. You can check out more info and download the whole album by clicking on the image below. And if you just want to check out our tune, click the YouTube video below that! Enjoy! heroes

Soundtrack to Pocket Defender

Pocket Defender
Pocket Defender

Karl & Will just released their soundtrack to the mobile game "Pocket Defender" and you can listen to it by clicking on the image below! The soundtrack incorporates elements of both Russian folk music and American rock music! Enjoy!

FireFlower - An 8-bit Musical Comedy!

Fireflower is an original musical comedy, written & directed by Marty Brueggemann, that brings a classic video game adventure to life in a unique show for all ages.We have been selected to perform our debut at the 2014 MN Fringe Festival. Fireflower is an ambitious and unique production which features an all 8-bit underscore. We will have 5 performances in early August. Check out the links below for the IndieGogo page, which features 2 behind the scenes videos, and the link to buy tickets.


FireFlower IndieGogo Page

FireFlower Tickets

Sonicesque, Vol. IV - The fourth volume of Sonic chiptunes

Karl finally has released Sonicesque, Vol. IV! It's his fourth volume of original Genesis Sonic-inspired chiptunes. Inspired by the catchy and groovy tunes of Sonic 1,2,3 & Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast for the Sega Genesis. Enjoy nods to classic levels such as Sonic 3's Special Stage, Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone and Metropolis Zone, Sonic & Knuckles' Doomsday Zone, and more! Click the image below to listen to and download the album! cover

Train Station at 8 - A New VGM Podcast and Friend of the Show

Hey guys, recently we were asked to guest on an episode of Train Station at 8, a brand new videogame music podcast from the guys over at The show is hosted by Brian and Stephen Kelly, another brother duo (I know right!!) and their show is a super cool discussion based podcast and has already featured some pretty cool people including Daniel Floyd from Extra Credits and Matthew Tucciarone from Major Third.  We were asked to come on for their episode on the music of the Super Mario Series and it was a blast! Check out the episode below and be sure to follow Steve and Brian on twitter @WhalesAreWhales, @LordMeldorr and @StephenKelly180. Show these guys some love! Band of Brothers with Super Marcato Bros

Dear Mario - An Album of Original Mario Music!

Will finally released his brand new album of original Mario music in an 8-bit style! This project was a labor of love and a love letter to the music of Koji Kondo. We hope you enjoy listening to this exploration  of the musical world of Super Mario Bros and maybe even crack a smile. You can listen to "Dear Mario" by clicking below! Mega Buster