Episode 48: Original Showcase Vol. II

In this very special episode, the guys share all original video game music. These are tracks composed by Karl, Will and even one by Marty. These tracks span multiple genres, generations, and styles. Some are even modeled after classic soundtracks in game history. Near the end, the guys share a few tracks from their upcoming project entitled, "Of Cosmic Proportions", an album inspired by the music of the Super Mario Galaxy games. Enjoy! Listen to Episode 48

Karl Brueggemann - Sonicesque Vol. II - Coconut Hill Will Brueggemann - Emerald Man Stage Karl Brueggemann - Chasing Destiny Will Brueggemann - Treetop Truffle Karl Brueggemann - Manrock Stage Two Will Brueggemann - Mushroom Rag Karl Brueggemann - Massive Metal Works Will Brueggemann - Forest Village Karl Brueggemann - The Last Chance at Rescue Marty Brueggemann - Super Guiseppe 1 Overworld Karl Brueggemann - Stop and Think Super Marcato Bros. - Sunny Side Up Will Brueggemann - Broken Karl Brueggemann - An Unanswered Cry Will Brueggemann - Fiona's Theme Karl Brueggemann - Sonicesque Vol. III - Machine Meltdown Super Marcato Bros. - Of Cosmic Proportions -Massive Meadow Galaxy, Cosmic Cloud Galaxy, Stardust Corridor, Intergalactic Generator

Play In: Will Brueggemann - Toad House Play Out: Karl Brueggemann - Falling Into Place

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