Episode 55: Ocarina of Time

The guys focus on one of the most beloved soundtracks of all time: Ocarina of Time! Enjoy this in-depth exploration of one of the crown jewels of video game music.
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - N64 - 1998 -Title Theme    -Deku Tree    -Fairy Flying    -House    -Kokiri Forest    -Shop    -Boss Battle    -Legend of Hyrule -Hyrule Field Main Theme    -Kepora Gebora's Theme    -Market    -Lon Lon Ranch    -Prelude of Light    -Minuet of Woods, Serenade of Water    -Nocturne of Shadow, Bolero of Fire, Requiem of Spirit    -Goron City    -Lost Woods    -Temple of Time    -Windmill Hut    -Kotake & Koume's Theme    -Inside Ganon's Castle    -End Credits

Play In: -Ocarina of Time/Zelda's ThemePlay Out: -Zora's Domain