Episode 65: Listener Show & Tell

In this very special episode, as a thank you to all of the listeners of the podcast, this playlist consists entirely of listener-submitted tracks! These picks were taken from the blog, facebook, twitter and emails. Thanks again everyone for all your support! Listen to Episode 65

(Andrew) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Hitoshi Sakimoto & Nobuo Uematsu - Gathering Allies (Carlos) Mamoru Has Been Cursed! - Yousuke Yasui - Bless you! boy (Ed) SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative (Arcade) - Katsuhiro Hayashi - Illusion (Stage 6, 7) (Koa) Altered Beast - Kazuhiko Nagai - Rise from Your Grave (Round 1) (Phil) Blue Dragon - Nobuo Uematsu - Waterside ~for Piano and Orchestra (Lee) San Fransico Rush 2049 - Barry Leitch - Bassy (Theo) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Yoko Shimomura - Dark Impetus (Carlos) Mighty Milky Way - Jake Kaufman - World 1 (Space) (Andrew) Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - Lee Scott, Robert Higgins - Balankanche Mine (Chris) Tomb Raider III - Nathan McCree - Main Theme (Ed) Area 88 (Arcade) - Manami Matsumae & Takashi Tateishi - Armory ~ ROUND 9 (Elliot) Mass Effect - Jack Wall & Sam Hulick - Uncharted Worlds (Kyle) Donkey Kong 64 - Grant Kirkhope - Fungi Forest (Phil) Shadow of the Colossus - Koh Ohtani - The Farthest Land (Theo) Rockman ZX - Inti Creates - Area B (Carlos) Etrian Odyssey IV - Labyrinth V - Yuzo Koshiro - City of Radiant Ruin (Jeremy) Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny - Ken Nakagawa & Daisuke Achiwa - Empty Corridor

Play In: (Jeremy) Sonic CD - Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi Ogata - Quartz Quadrant - Present Play Out: (Phil) Blue Dragon - Nobuo Uematsu - Smiling Face