Episode 106: Marcato Radio 3

While the guys take this week off, enjoy a special installment of Marcato Radio. In this episode, two recent albums will be played in their entirety! Mega Buster and Soaring Through the Stars. Enjoy the tunes!


Mega Buster: On Ode to the Blue Bomber – Super Marcato Bros. – 2014
-Title Screen
-Stage Select
-Plasma Man
-Gear Man
-Piston Man
-Micro Man
-Vector Woman
-Emerald Man
-Gust Man
-Electrode Man
-Boss Battle
-Dr. Billy Stage 1
-Dr. Billy Stage 2
-Showdown with Dr. Billy
Soaring Through the Stars – Super Marcato Bros. – 2014
-Main Menu
-Main Menu (Unused)
-Soaring Through the Stars (Stage 1)
-Against Uneven Odds (Stage 2)
-Battle With the Ship’s Core (Stage 2 Boss)
-Past the Point of No Return (Stage 3)
-Now or Never (Final Stage)
-End Credits

Download Mega Buster

Download Soaring Through the Stars