Bonus Episode: Dear Mario

For the first time ever, the guys debut an episode in the middle of the week! This is the first of many Bonus Thursday Podcasts to come. On this inaugural episode, Will shares his most recent project Dear Mario and plays it in full. Enjoy!

Bonus Ep

Click HERE to download Dear Mario

Dear Mario – Will Brueggemann – 2014
-Dear Mario
-Shells, Stars & Super Mushrooms (Overworld)
-Plain Ol’ Plains (Grass Land)
-Hold On to Your Hat! (Athletic)
-Underground Caves
-Don’t Eat the Yellow Sand (Dune Land)
-Bricks, Blocks & Buttstomps
-Swimmin’ With the Fishes
-Coins, Coins, Coins!!!
-Snowman’s Slippery Slopes (Ice Land)
-Head in the Clouds
-Path to the Evil King (Lava Land)
-Airship’s Flying Fortress
-Battle with the King
-Thank You Mario

P.S. Listener Show & Tell is next. Stay tuned to see if your picks made the cut!!!