Bonus Episode: Child of the Chozo


The time has come for another Bonus Episode! This time we listen to Will's new Metroid Tribute album Child of the Chozo in its entirety. This album can be thought of as 3 separate soundtracks to lost Metroid games throughout the years because it has 8-bit, 16-bit, and modern sounding pieces. Sit back and Enjoy!

Click HERE to download Child of the Chozo Child of the Chozo – Will Brueggemann – 2014
-A Hero in Deep Space
-Adventure in the Caverns Below
-In the Vile Layer of the Beast
-Cybernetic Space Mutant
-Heart of the Alien
-Mission Accomplished!
-A New Adventure in Deep Space
-Theme of the Chosen
-Dead in the Water
-An Organic Encounter
-A Hunter is Born
-In the Thicket of the Hive
-Until Next Mission
-A Hero in a New Dimension
-Making Planetfall in the Wetlands
-Subterranean Fortress
-Atop the Planet’s Frigid Cliffside
-The Fate of the Universe
-Child of the Chozo