Episode 142: Breath of Fire

In this long awaited episode, Karl & Will spotlight one of the best Capcom soundtracks for the SNES: Breath of Fire! The guys share 22 tracks from this incredible score, and discuss how it is able to hold up after all these years. Enjoy another fine SNES Marcato Bros. spotlight episode!


Breath of Fire – Yasuaki Fujita, Mari Yamaguchi, Minae Fuji, Yoko Shimomura – Capcom – SNES – 1993
-Beginning of the End
-That Fateful Day
-Breath of Fire
-Town in Despair
-Lively Mood
-A Brave General
-Lands Beyond the Ocean
-Golden City Auria
-Misty Forest
-Bottom of the Ocean
-Ocean Town Prima
-Ancient Village Wisdom
-Gobi’s Transformation
-End of the Journey
-Musical City Tunlan
-Alan and Cerl Forever
-Decisive Battle
-Finale ~ Epilogue to the War
-Great Achievement