Episode 293: Star Fox: Assault

For the second week of Nintendo Month 2017, the guys focus on the incredible and underrated symphonic score to Star Fox: Assault! Developed by Namco for the Gamecube, this soundtrack successfully fused together definitive arrangements of Star Fox 64 music with equally gorgeous original music! Check your G-diffuser system and enjoy!


Star Fox: Assault - Yoshie Arakawa & Yoshinori Kawamoto - Nintendo - Gamecube - 2005
-Star Fox Theme
-Mission Briefing
-Theme of Great Fox
-Oikonny's Fleet ~Waltz of the Storm
-Fortuna ~Heroic Pursuit
-Boss 1 ~Andrew Oikonny
-Katina ~Frontier Serenade
-Sargasso ~Hostiles Revisited
-Fichina ~Break Through the Ice Field
-Asteroid Belt ~The Aparoid Menace
-Boss 2 ~Aparoid Pigma
-Sauria ~Reunion
-Corneria ~Strategy to Reclaim the Capital City
-Theme of Star Wolf
-Boss 3 ~Aparoid Blitz~
-Aparoid Homeworld ~Breaching the Defenses~
-Homeworld Core ~The Final Battle~
-Boss 4 ~Aparoid Queen~
-Staff Roll ~ Theme of Star Fox