Episode 295: Super Mario Odyssey

For the final week of Nintendo Month 2017, the guys saved up a monster of an episode: Super Mario Odyssey! Released exactly one month ago from this episode's posting, this game is already being heralded as one of the best in the entire series. Karl & Will explore the incredibly exciting, diverse, and unforgettable score, led by newcomer Naoto Kubo. Enjoy some masterful Nintendo music!


Super Mario Odyssey - Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii, Koji Kondo - Nintendo - Switch - 2017
-Jump Up, Super Star!
-Fossil Falls
-Tostarena: Town
-Tostarena: Ruins
-Tostarena: Jaxi
-Steam Gardens
-Lake Lamode
-New Donk City: Daytime
-New Donk City: Cafe
-Shiveria: Town
-Mount Volbono: Town
-Ruined Dragon Battle
-Bowser's Castle 2
-Honeylune Ridge: Caves
-Bowser Battle 2
-Honeylune Ridge: Collapse
-Run, Jump, Throw! 1
-Peach's Castle