Episode 255: Albert Odyssey

In this episode, Karl & Will focus on the gorgeous and under-appreciated music of the Albert Odyssey games! These three games for the Super Famicom and Saturn had some of the most well-composed scores anywhere. Sunsoft legend Naoki Kodaka masterfully combined elements of classical, film, and pop into something quite timeless. Enjoy!

Albert Odyssey - Naoki Kodaka - Sunsoft - Super Famicom - 1993
-Anthem of a New Hero
-Hometown Tibelis
-An Offering to the Holy King Gort
-Lovers' Dirge
-Sleeping World
-Lovely Faeries
-Lost in the Darkness
-Clouds Riding the Wind
Albert Odyssey II - Naoki Kodaka - Sunsoft - Super Famicom - 1994
-Dirge of Grief
-Goth Kingdom Anthem
-Princess's Intension
-Sorceress of Glacier
-City of Dusk
-New Sunlight
-Land of Frozen Forest
-City of Luxuriance
Albert Odyssey Gaiden: Legend of Eldean - Naoki Kodaka - Sunsoft - Saturn - 1996
-Main Theme 1
-Main Theme 2