Episode 259: More Modern Chiptunes

This week, the guys check back in with the world of Modern Chiptunes! There is some incredible music being created in this passionate community, and this episode showcases some of the very best of it. WARNING: Extremely funky music lies ahead...

Jayster - Sunrise to Sunset
HertzDevil - 2A03 Puritans - Extends Levant
Fearofdark - Famicompo Mini 10 - Microbeings
coda - Soundshock 2: FM Funk Terror!! - Megabits per Second
Fearofdark - The Early Attempts - Dancing On The M%n
Elwood - Spark
Zabutom - Famicompo Mini 6 - Let's Shooting
virt - Lorem Chipsum
potato-tan - Welc.moe
Coda - Dorito Dust
Moot Booxle - Soundshock 2: FM Funk Terror!! - Chomp
An0va - Nerd Table at the High School Cafeteria of Life
Simon Stålenhag - Fluvial Beat Deposits
virt - Loli Fishing Next 20,000 Leagues
tenfour - Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana!! - Cave Bouncer
Kulor - Winter Chip XI - Still Playing Mario
stinkbug - Bard Jr.
raphaelgoulart - Winter Chip X - Propeller Plane
TQ-Jam - Plum Pop
Grundler - Stinkler