Episode 280: Bad Music 3

You all asked for it...literally. For the third time on the podcast, Karl & Will are punished with some of the worst video game music that was ever composed. This was by far the most requested follow-up episode. The good news is, the music here is so bad that it provides plenty of laughs. Enjoy?

Power Spikes II - Soushi Hosoi - Neo Geo
-Hyper League Final Match
Monster Truck Rally - David Warhol - NES
-Track 2
Tales of Destiny - Shinji Tamura - PS2
-Relentless Assault
Double Dribble - Unknown - Arcade
-National Anthem
NBA Live 95 - Traz Damji, Brian Shaw - Genesis
-Pause Menu
The Battle of Olympus - Kazuo Sawa - Game Boy
-BGM 9
King's Quest V - Ken Allen & Mark Seibert - PC
-Town Theme
Evergrace - Kota Hoshino - PS2
-Sunbeams Streaming Through Leaves On The Hill
The Dinosaur Dooley - Unknown - Master System
-Stage 3
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends - Unknown - NES
-Title Theme
WarpSpeed - Ken Allen - SNES
-Main Theme (& Asteroid Field)
WWF Raw - Greg Turner - Game Boy
-BGM 1 & BGM 3
The Rocketeer - George Sanger, David Hayes - NES
-Title Screen
Resident Evil: Director's Cut - Takashi Niigaki- PS1
-Mansion Basement
Yoshi's New Island - Masayoshi Ishi - 3DS
-The Yoshi Clan
Savage - Kevin Collier - Amiga
-Level 1
The Crow: City of Angels - Mark Kerr - PS1
-Last Chance
San Francisco Rush - Gunnar Madsen - N64
-Rave Rush
Sonic Adventure DX - Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani - Gamecube
-Lazy Days
Sonic Spinball OST - Brian Coburn - Genesis
Lester the Unlikely - John Schappert Jason Andersen - SNES
-Something Happened