Episode 353: Favorites with Zach: Xenoblade Edition

It's time for another installment of Favorites with Friends! This time, Karl & Will welcome friend and supporter of the show Zach Walton. Zach decides to change things up and brings in all tracks from Xenoblade X. Enjoy this very unique twist on Favorites with Friends!


Xenoblade Chronicles X - Hiroyuki Sawano - Monolith - Wii U - 2015




-The Death of an Archaic Age


-Shinpiteki (Mysterious)

-So near, so far

-z15 field

-Z39 comical

-Black Tar


-z37 battle


-NLA Shuuhen (Surrounding Area of NLA)

-Yakou Mori (Luminescent Forest)

-Boukyaku Keikoku (Ravine of Lost Memories) **

-Z? field

-Shiro no Tairiku (Land of White)

-Kuro no Tairiku (Land of Black)

-Don't Worry