Episode 363: Ys III

In this exciting follow-up to last week, Karl & Will focus on the rocking soundtrack to Ys III! The subsequent entry in the Ys series, this score by Mieko Ishikawa takes what has worked previously and kicks things up to the next level. Enjoy!


Ys III: Wanderers From Ys - Mieko Ishikawa, Masaaki Kawai - Falcom - Sharp X68000 - 1989


-Trading Town of Redmont (Town)

-A Quiet Moment (Inn)


-Welcome (Shop)

-The Boy Who Had Wings (Stage Entrance)

-Be Careful (Tigray Quarry)

-Lovely Elena

-Illburns Ruins

-A Searing Struggle

-Steeling the Will to Fight (Eldam Mountain Range)

-Tearful Twilight

-Valestein Castle

-Radiant Key

-Seal of Time

-Beat of Destruction (Galbalan's Island)

-Tower of Destiny

-Chester's Theme

-The Strongest Foe (Final Boss)

-Wanderers from Ys (Ending)