Episode 367: Mario Kart: The Golden Years

In this exciting episode, Karl & Will focus on the iconic and beloved soundtracks to both Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64! Enjoy this race down memory lane!


Super Mario Kart - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - SNES - 1992
-Title Screen
-Mario Circuit
-Donut Plains
-Bowser’s Castle
-Koopa Beach
-Battle Mode
-Vanilla Lake
-Rainbow Road
-Tournament Win and Lose
-Special Ending
Mario Kart 64 - Kenta Nagata - Nintendo - N64 - 1997
-Mario Kart 64 Theme
-3 Raceways, Wario Stadium
-Moo Moo Farm, Yoshi Valley
-Koopa Troopa Beach
-Winning Results
-Toad’s Turnpike
-Frappe Snowland
-Choco Mountain, Battle Arenas
-Rainbow Road
-Victory Lap
-Kalimari Desert