Episode 373: Reeeemix! 6

It's time once again to play nothing but outstanding video game remixes! This is a very popular and active community of VGM that the guys like to check-in with every year or so. Enjoy a diverse collection of outstanding remixes, covers and arrangements!


The OneUps - Volume 4 - Steam Gardens [Super Mario Odyssey]

Mordi, Slaygon - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Woodland Intermission" OC ReMix

GaMetal - Silver Surfer Main Theme

insaneintherain - Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy Jazz Cover

Involved in the Troubles - Opening Stage (Mega Man X)

TiVAN - Monkey Island ["Pirates of the Caribbean" Style]

The Hit Points - A Settlement In The Red Bluffs (Octopath Traveler)

Scrab Cakes - Silent Film Partita (Symphony of the Night)

NoteBlock - Cherry Blossom Color Season (Katamari Damacy Remix)

Hypetreme - Shovel Knight "More Might" OC ReMix

Jake Kaufman - DuckTales Remastered - The Amazon

The 8-Bit Big Band - Press Start! - Zeldas Lullaby (Ocarina of Time)

Joshua Morse - Arcade Attack - ROYGBIV (Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road Remix)

HephestosMusic - Super Mario World Game Over Remix Part 3

Super Guitar Bros - Starfox Medley

The Consouls - Theme of Love (Final Fantasy IV)

Beg Briggs - Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg (Remix)

Super Marcato Bros. - Castlevania III - Beginning

Naz3nt - Shy Guy Beach (Future Funk Remix)

Kyle Landry - Dearly Beloved 2017