Episode 378: Genesis Pool Jazz

In this episode, Karl & Will focus on a quite niche but outstanding subset of VGM: Sega Genesis Pool Games! Focusing on 3 jazzy titles: Side Pocket, Kiss Shot and Minnesota Fats! Enjoy some of the most underrated and authentic jazz from the 16-bit era!


Side Pocket - Emi Shimizu, Masaaki Iwasaki - Data East - Genesis - 1992


-Las Vegas

-Ace in the Hole

-Dinner for Two



-California Lemonade

-Playin' it Cool!

Kiss Shot - Naofumi Hataya, Hiroshi Kubota - Sega - Mega Drive - 1992

-Nineball Game

-Win Theme

-Lose Theme

-Ending Theme

Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend - M. Iwasaki, T. Sato, S. Momoi, S. Sakai - Data East - Genesis - 1995

-Movin' On Up


-Until Tomorrow

-Set Me Free

-The Fine Draw

-Head Over Heels

-The Crooked Cue

-Take Me Away