Episode 159: Reeeemix! 3

It's time once again to play nothing but outstanding video game remixes! This is an incredibly popular and active community of video game music that the guys like to check-in with every season or two. Some of these tracks are from games, but most of them are by amateur remixers, many featured on Enjoy some awesome tracks!


zircon – Harmony of Heroes – Smash Superstars (Trophy Tussle)
DJ the S – Street Fighter: The World of Fighting – Violent Buffalo [Kong Edit]
halc – Pilotwings: Take Flight – Liftoff (Get High)
Super Guitar Bros. – Castlevania ‘Of Whips and Strings’ OC ReMix
bLiNd – Super Metroid ‘Jade Catacombs’ OC ReMix
Video Games Live – Level 3 – Tetris Opera
Karl Brueggemann – Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 – Mono Shift Remix
Georg-Christoph Schlee – Harmony of Heroes – High Roller’s Castle
djpretzel – Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ‘Dark Storm’ OC ReMix
zircon – Mega Man 9 ‘Daft Drafts’ OC ReMix
Bandai Namco – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – Yoshi’s Island Remix
halc – Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber – Wings to the Sky (Powerful Mario)
Will Brueggemann – Rhapsody in BLOOP
Tee Lopes – Sonic 3 Re-Imagined – Data Select Screen
Kirby’s Dream Band – The Pink Album – Revenge of Meta Knight
Jillian Aversa, zircon – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ‘Lullaby of the Sky’
AcousticLabs – Skyrim/Oblivion
Disco Dan – Mega Man 3 ‘Blue Lightning’ OC ReMix
Super Marcato Bros. – Harmony of Heroes – Full of Hot Air (Balloon Fight)
zircon – Final Fantasy VI ‘Dirt Devil’ OC ReMix
Insert Rupee – Pokémon Gold Version ‘Precious Metals’ OC ReMix

You can download 'Harmony of Heroes' here

Episode 89: Reeeemix! 2

The time has come for another installment of 'Reeeemix!' Once again, Karl & Will play nothing but video game remixes! Focusing mainly on amateur artists, from the likes of OC ReMix, Newgrounds and Youtube. Enjoy this killer lineup of remixes that will surely get your blood pumping. Listen to Episode 89

Sonic & Knuckles 'HotStuff' OC ReMix - Malcos Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Thunderstruck' OC ReMix - Big Giant Circles, some1namedjeff Final Fantasy IX "Vamo Alla Django" (Vamo Alla Flamenco) - Andy P, Fishy Castle of Tears (Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears) - NemesisTheory Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'Facing Fears' OC ReMix - Insert Rupee Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - Sega Sound Team - Sega - Wii U - 2013 -Sherbet Land (Mario Kart 64) Chrono Trigger 'Time Chill' OC ReMix - mv Mega Man 7 - Junk Man - Retro Remix Revue - Retro Remix Revue, Vol. 2 Perfect Dark - ExtractionXx - ParagonX9 Metroid Prime 'Solitude' OC ReMix - C-GPO, zircon Mega Man X - Intro Stage - Brian Roke - Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1 Ys I & II Chronicles - Yukihiro Jindo - Falcom - PSP - 2009 -To Make the End of Battle Starlight Zone '12 - Tee Lopes Street Fighter 2 - Guile's Theme - Smooth McGroove Metroid 'Suite for Violin and Piano' OC ReMix - Gabe Terracciano, Shnabubula Out of a Clear Blue Sky (Mario 2 Overworld) - Karl Brueggemann - Star Road: Super Mario Reimagined - 2013 Castlevania 'Electro Killer 6000' OC ReMix - zircon Polaris (Cave Story Remix) - All Levels at Once Zelda WW - Protect Your Island - ParagonX9 Super Mario 3D World - Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Yasuaki Iwata - Nintendo - Wii U - 2013 -Champion Road (Gusty Garden Galaxy)