Episode 183: Final Fantasy 4-6

This week, the guys conclude their 2-week Final Fantasy focus by exploring the 3 wonderful 16-bit scores to this series. This era sees Uematsu at arguably his creative peak. Enjoy this in-depth look at some of the most beloved SNES music ever composed.

Final Fantasy IV - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Super NES - 1991
-Theme of Love
-Welcome to Our Town
-The Dreadful Fight
-Epilogue (Part 2)
Final Fantasy V - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Super Famicom - 1992
-Ahead On Our Way
-Tenderness In the Air
-The Evil Lord Exdeath
-Battle with Gilgamesh
-Dear Friends
Final Fantasy VI - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Super NES - 1994
-The Phantom Forest
-The Wedding Waltz-Duel (Part 1)
-Grand Finale (Part 2)
-Searching for Friends
-Dancing Mad (Part 1)
-Dancing Mad (Part 2)

Episode 138: Super Mario World 1 & 2

For the third week of Nintendo Month '14, Karl & Will focus on some of the most iconic music in the history of video games. It's Super Mario World 1 & 2! The guys dive deep into what makes these two SNES Koji Kondo scores so pivotal. Enjoy one of the absolute best playlists in the show's history, and also the longest episode so far! Happy Nintendo Month!


Super Mario World – Koji Kondo – Nintendo – Super NES – 1990
-Title Screen
-Donut Plains
-Forest of Illusion
-Boss Battle
-Bonus Stage
-Castle Clear & World Clear
-The Evil King Bowser
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – Koji Kondo – Nintendo – Super NES – 1995
-Story Music Box
-Yoshi’s Island
-Flower Garden
-Goal & Score
-Mini Boss & Big Boss
-Castle & Fortress

Play Out:
Star Road: Super Mario Reimagined – Karl Brueggemann – 2014
-Hurry Up and Wait (Yoshi’s Island Athletic)