U-N- Squadron

Bonus Episode: U.N. Squadron

It's another Bonus Thursday Episode! This time, Karl & Will spotlight on one of their most beloved and nostalgic soundtracks: U.N. Squadron! This wonderful side-scrolling shoot em up was composed by a powerhouse of Mega Man composers, led by Manami Matsumae. Enjoy the best tracks from both the SNES and Arcade versions!


U.N. Squadron – Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi, Mari Yamaguchi – Capcom – SNES/Arcade – 1991
-Front Line Base
-Thunder Cloud ~ Round 2
-Forest Fortress
-Stronghold ~ Boss
-Forest Fortress 2
-Ground Carrier
-The Minks
-Cave ~ Round 6
-The Canyon
-Ascending ~ Round 7
-Marine ~ Round 8
-Armory ~ Round 9
-Ending & Staff Roll
-The End