Bonus Episode: High Flyer

In this exciting Bonus Episode, Karl shares his brand-new FM Synth chiptune album "High Flyer" in its entirety! Enjoy! You can download the album by clicking the image below!

High Flyer - Karl Brueggemann - 2018
-Sea Legs
-Drifting Beyond    
-Climbing TechnaTower
-Stay and Groove with Me    
-Danger Boys
-Watch Out for Electric Rocks    
-Dreaming Under the Big Tree    
-Full Tilt    
-We're the Nicest Village
-High Flyer    
-Big Cheese

Bonus Episode: Robogirl (the adventures of)

In this Bonus Episode, Marty shares his brand new chiptune album "ROBOGIRL (the adventures of) in its entirety! Enjoy this rocking and emotional 8-bit soundtrack to an imaginary game!


Listen to and Download ROBOGIRL

-OUR HERO (Title Screen)

Bonus Episode: MAGFest 2017

In this Bonus Episode, the guys share some highlights of their incredible weekend at MAGFest 2017! Featuring a fun, on-location conversation between the Bros and Stephen & Bryan Kelly, as well as an audio montage of some amazing performances and panels!

Audio montage includes excerpts of performances by: Videri String Quartet featuring Austin Wintory, Super Soul Bros., Danimal Cannon, and more. And excerpts of panels by: Austin Wintory, David Wise, and the Super Marcato Bros.
-Special thanks to everyone who came out to our panels this year!-

Bonus Episode: Tone Bank

In this Bonus Episode, Karl shares his new album "Tone Bank", an album he recorded entirely on an old Casio CT-655 keyboard. Karl also discusses the making of each track in this nostalgic and fun project. Enjoy!

Tone Bank - Karl Brueggemann - 2015
-Down the Tube
-Ancient Heart
-Nothing to Worry About    
-Easy Way Out
-Leaving the Land Behind
-Don't Look Down    
-Stick Around    
-Roll In    
-Hands of the Hero        
-After the Rain    
-Washed Away

-Click here to listen to and download the album!-

Bonus Episode: Behind the Scenes

In this Bonus Episode, the guys discuss some of the struggles of changing hosts and upgrading websites. They then go on to share some of the challenges of keeping the podcast running every week. Enjoy this rare look behind the scenes of the Super Marcato Bros.

Play In: de Blob 2 - Stencil Jive
Play Out: DKC3 - Northern Kremisphere