Episode 300: Tricentennial Celebration!

The 300th episode of the Super Marcato Bros. Video Game Music Podcast! Karl, Will & Marty celebrate and reflect, share some classic VGM, play a name-that-tune game, answer fan questions, and more! You can watch the video version below as well!


Super Mario 3D World Theme (Yoshi's Island SNES Remix) - Jimmy52905
DK: King of Swing - Takashi Koga - Bonus Stage
Voodoo Vince - Steve Kirk - Main Street
Monkey Island II - Michael Land - Men of Low Moral Fiber
Plok - The Follin Brothers - Beach
Aladdin - Donald S. Griffin - Turban Jazz
Shovel Knight - Jake Kaufman - Strike the Earth
Jump Up Super Star (Acoustic Guitar Cover) - Sam Griffin
Live From the Lair - Super Marcato Bros. - Donut Lifts

Episode 200: A Celebration!

200 episodes!! For this incredible milestone, the guys reflect back on some of their favorite memories of the show, answer questions from listeners, and share a handful of classic tracks! Karl also challenges Will and Marty to a name that tune game. As well as some other fun surprises! You can watch the video or audio version below.

Pop n Music 12 - Dream Line Out - Konami - PS2 - 2006
-Magical Voice Shower
Aladdin - Donald Griffin - Virgin - Genesis - 1993
-Camel Jazz
Rockman & Forte - Naoshi Mizuta - Capcom - Super Famicom - 1998
-Opening Stage
Ys II - Meiko Ishikawa - Falcom - PC88 - 1988
-Subteranean Canal
Harumi Makoto - Gusty Garden (SPC700 Arrangement)
Silver Surfer - Tim & Geoff Follin - Arcadia - NES - 1990
-Stage 2
Gravity Rush - Kohei Tanaka - Sony - PS Vita - 2012
-Resistance and Extermination

Watch the video version here

Thanks to all the listeners for helping us reach this awesome milestone!!