Episode 279: Favorites with Charlie McCarron

This week is another installment of Favorites with Friends! This time, friend/composer/all around great guy Charlie McCarron drops by to share and discuss an assortment of some of his favorite video game music! Enjoy!

Super Mario Land - “Muda Kingdom” - Hirokazu Tanaka
Kirby’s Dreamland - “Castle Lololo” - Jun Ishikawa
Pokemon Red/Blue - “Battle (vs Wild Pokémon)” - Junichi Masuda
Mario Kart 64 - “Koopa Troopa Beach” - Kenta Nagata
Super Mario 64 - “Looping Steps” - Koji Kondo
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - “Zora’s Domain” - Koji Kondo
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - “Forest Temple” - Koji Kondo
Jet Force Gemini - “Sekhmet” - Robin Beanland
Banjo-Tooie - “Cloud Cuckooland” - Grant Kirkhope
Spacestation Silicon Valley - “Fat Bear Mountain” - Stuart Ross
The Sims - “Buy Mode 1” - Jerry Martin and Marc Russo
FEZ - “Progress” - Disasterpeace
Another Day in Dream Land - “Prairie Land 2” - Karl
Hello World - “Chamomile Forest Map” - Will
Hello World - “Jump On In! (Overworld)” - Marty
Atmocopter - "I Feel Purdie (Oh So Purdie)" - Charlie