Episode 128: Chrono Cross/Xenogears

This week on the podcast: Chrono Cross/Xenogears! it's a dual spotlight on two PS1 JRPGs composed by the wonderful Yasunori Mitsuda. The guys are joined this week by Sean Schönherr, an active listener of the show, and more importantly an expert on Chrono Cross. Sean brings some welcome insight and context to the music's use in the game. Enjoy this exploration of these two stellar Mistuda scores!


Chrono Cross – Yasunori Mitsuda – Square – PS1 – 1999
-Time’s Scar
-Arni Village [Home World]
-Arni Village [Another World]
-Singing Emotions
-Quitting the Body
-The Bend of Time
-Garden of God
-The Girl Who Stole the Stars (mix)
-Time of the Dreamwatch
-Radical Dreamers ~Unstealable Jewel
Xenogears – Yasunori Mitsuda – Square – PS1 – 1998
-My Village is Number One
-The Valley Where Wind is Born
-Steel Giant
-Shattering Egg of Dreams
-Grahf, Emperor of Darkness
-In a Prison of Peace and Regret
-October Mermaid
-Shevat, the Wind is Calling

Episode 94: Chrono Trigger

On this very long-awaited episode, Karl & Will shine a spotlight on one of the best SNES soundtracks ever: Chrono Trigger! The guys play and discuss 22 tracks from this massively popular title. Enjoy this in-depth focus on the music of Yasunori Mitsuda!


Chrono Trigger – Yasunori Mitsuda – Square – Super NES – 1995
-Chrono Trigger
-Memories of Green
-Guardia Millennial Fair
-Secret of the Forest
-Battle 1 (Noriko Matsueda)
-Guardia Castle
-Frog’s Theme
-Boss Battle
-The Trial
-Wind Scene
-The Day The World Revived
-Robo Gang Johnny
-Battle 2
-The Brink of Time
-Singing Mountain
-At the Bottom of Night
-Corridors of Time
-Schala’s Theme
-Wings That Cross Time
-World Revolution
-To Far Away Times