emily reese

Episode 186: Favorites with Emily Reese

It's time for another installment of Favorites with Friends! This time, the guys welcome their buddy Emily Reese, a fellow video game music podcaster who you'll know from her past show Top Score, and her new show, the Joon Media Podcast! Emily brings in a playlist of some of her favorite VGM to share and discuss. Enjoy!

“Clarity” from Ibb & Obb by Kettel
“The Maker’s Theme” from Darksiders II by Jesper Kyd
“Home in Florence” from Assassin’s Creed II by Jesper Kyd
“Imperial Throne” from Skyrim by Jeremy Soule
“Theme of Laura” from Silent Hill 2 by Akira Yamaoka
“The Road of Trials” from Journey by Austin Wintory
"Title Theme" from Metroid by Hip Tanaka
“The Songbird” from BioShock Infinite by Garry Schyman
“Post” from Ibb & Obb by Kettel
“Lonely Rolling Star” from Katamari Damacy
“Science is Fun” from Portal 2 by Mike Morasky
“Liberation (La Muerte de Papo)” from Papo & Yo by Brian D’Oliveira
“Sovereign’s Theme” from Mass Effect 1 by Sam Hulick

-Thanks to Emily Reese for joining us this week!-