giana sisters

Episode 150: Chris Huelsbeck

Featuring an Exclusive Interview!

We've made it to 150 episodes! To celebrate this milestone, Karl & Will, in typical Season Finale fashion, focus on the career of an acclaimed video game composer, and also sit down for an exclusive interview! This time, it's the legendary Chris Huelsbeck! You'll know his work from series such as Turrican and The Great Giana Sisters. Enjoy this insightful and exclusive look into one of the true pioneers of early Computer music. Also, the guys reflect on the first 150 episodes of the podcast. A big thank you to all the listeners over the past three years. This show wouldn't be what it is without you!


Mega Turrican – Data East – Genesis – 1994
-Stage 3-3
The Great Giana Sisters – Rainbow Arts – C64 – 1987
-Menu Theme
R-Type – Rainbow Arts – C64 – 1988
-Intro Music
Jim Power in Mutant Planet – Loriciel – Amiga – 1992
-Ingame 1
Turrican – Rainbow Arts – Amiga – 1990
-Mountain Madness (Stage 1-1)
Great Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Black Forest Games – PC/Xbox 360/PS3 – 2012
-Ingame 4 (Machinae Supremacy Version)
Turrican II: The Final Fight – Rainbow Arts – Amiga – 1991
-The Desert Rocks
Turrican III – Rainbow Arts – Amiga – 1993
-Air Combat
Super Turrican – Factor 5 – Super NES – 1993
-Factory Action (Stage 1-1)
The Great Giana Sisters – Rainbow Arts – C64 – 1987
-Main Theme

-Special Thanks to Chris for taking the time to talk with us!