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Bonus Episode: Hello World

In this Bonus Episode, Karl, Marty & Will share their entire new double album "Hello World" and discuss how they made it! This album is a tribute to Super Mario World 1 & 2 for the SNES. Enjoy this nostalgic yet brand-new adventure!

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Hello World: Adventures in Mushroomland – Super Marcato Bros. – 2015
-Welcome to Mushroomland
-Jump On In! (Overworld)
-Portobello Garden Map
-Quick on Your Feet! (Athletic)
-Hold Your Breath (Underwater)
-Brawlin’ with the Spike Tykes
-Chamomile Forest Map
-Winter in Mushroomland
-Slithersnake Sandbox
-Cocoa Wasteland Map
-Lower the Drawbridge (Fortress)
-Farewell Mushroomland…
Hello World: Journey to Dino Island – Super Marcato Bros. – 2015
-Storytime Lullaby
-Down on Dino Island
-Roll Egg, Roll (Coconut Grove)
-First Foot Forward (Map 1)
-Monkey See, Monkey Do (Watermelon Hill)
-Castle Island
-To the Top of Mount Eek (Map 2)
-Try to Keep Up! (Athletic)
-The Caves of Mr. Mole (Underground)
-Jackpot Baby!
-King Twizzle’s Tantrum
-The Legendary Baby Brawl
-Happily Ever After

Download Adventures in Mushroomland

Download Journey to Dino Island