Episode 383: Sam & Max Hit the Road

In this long-overdue podcast, Karl & Will focus on one of their favorite and most nostalgic scores: Sam & Max Hit the Road! Composed by the Lucasarts "Dream Team", this film-noir-inspired jazz score is rich, funny and very ahead of its time. Enjoy!


Sam & Max Hit the Road - Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnell, Michael Land - Lucasarts - PC - 1993


-A Pleasantly Understated Credit Sequence

-Another Idiotic & Baffling Assignment

-Outside Headquarters (The Courier)

-Carnival of the Odd

-Scene of the Crime

-Trixie's Trailor

-Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 1

-The World's Largest Ball of Twine

-World of Fish (I'm a Trout, Stupid)

-Doug the Moleman

-Highway Surfing

-Childhood in Brighton (King of the Creatures)


-Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 2

-Dino Bungee National Memorial

-The Tale of Brave Sir Sam

-Savage Jungle Inn

-The Elder's Pool

Episode 323: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

This week, in the second of a two-parter, Karl & Will spotlight on the incredible soundtrack to Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge! Composed by "The Dream Team", this was the most dynamic and interactive Lucasarts adventure game score ever made. Enjoy!


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Michael Land, Clint Bajakian and Peter McConnell - Lucasarts - PC - 1991
-Deep in the Caribbean
-Scabb Island Beach
-Scabb Island Map Theme
-Largo LaGrande
-The International House of Mojo
-Captain Dread
-Look Behind You: A Three-Headed Monkey
-The Bone Master and Walt
-Booty Bootique
-Stan's Previously Owned Coffins
-Diving for the Mad Monkey
-The Waterfall
-Rum Rogers Jr.
-Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Fish Fry
-Jojo the Monkey
-Rapp Scallion and his Steamin' Weenies
-The Screaming Chair
-The End...?

Episode 141: Monkey Island 3 & 4

In this episode, Karl & Will explore the music of the third and fourth entries in the beloved Monkey Island series: The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island! The guys really go in-depth into what is so signature about the compositional style of this series. And also, what the real performances of these two soundtracks add to the emotional impact of the games. Oh, and if you like reggae, you'll love this episode. Enjoy!


The Curse of Monkey Island – Michael Land – LucasArts – PC – 1997
-The Curse Of Monkey Island
-Wally Crying
-Firing the Cannon
-Mocking The Voodoo Lady & Voodoo Jazz
-Puerto Pollo
-In the Belly of the Snake
-The Barbery Coast
-The Brimstone Beach Club
-Monkeys of the Sea Cucumber
-Blood Island Map
-The Goodsoup Family Hotel
-Rollercoaster of Death
-End Credits
Escape from Monkey Island – Michael Land, Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnell – LucasArts – PC – 2000
-Options Screen
Melee Town
-Scumm Bar
-Lucre Town
-Lucre Island Map
-House of Sticks
-Prostheses Shop
-Diving Competition