major third

Episode 158: Favorites with Matthew Tucciarone

In the third installment of 'Favorites with Friends', the guys welcome Matthew Tucciarone on the podcast! Matthew is known as 'Major Third' on Youtube, and makes awesome videos about game music. In this episode, the guys go through Matthew's very favorite game music from every era of his life. Enjoy this personal look at the lasting impact that great video game music can have.


Shadows of the Empire – Xizor’s Palace (Joel McNeely and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra)
-Bomberman Hero – Redial (Jun Chikuma)
-Link’s Awakening – Tal Tal Heights (Kazumi Totaka)
-Star Fox Assault – Theme of Great Fox (Yoshie Arakawa and Yoshinori Kawamoto)
-Goldeneye 007 – Facility (Grant Kirkhope & Graeme Norgate)
-Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface (Kumi Tanioka)
-Pokemon G&S – Route 30 (Junichi Masuda)
-Solstice – Title Theme (Tim Follin)
-Chrono Trigger – Secret of The Forest (Yasunori Mitsuda)
-Final Fantasy VI – Awakening (Nobuo Uematsu)
-Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – Yoshi’s Island (Koji Kondo)
-Shadow of the Colossus – Revived Power (Ko Otani)
-Dragon Quest VIII – To a Vast World (Koichi Sugiyama)
-Mount & Blade: Warband – Theme (Jesse Hopkins)
-Grim Fandango – High Roller (Peter McConnell)
-Fallout 3 – Civilization (The Andrew Sisters)
-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Snake Eater (Norihiko Hibino and Cynthia Harrell)
-Shovel Knight – Strike the Earth (virt)