mario kart

Episode 367: Mario Kart: The Golden Years

In this exciting episode, Karl & Will focus on the iconic and beloved soundtracks to both Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64! Enjoy this race down memory lane!


Super Mario Kart - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - SNES - 1992
-Title Screen
-Mario Circuit
-Donut Plains
-Bowser’s Castle
-Koopa Beach
-Battle Mode
-Vanilla Lake
-Rainbow Road
-Tournament Win and Lose
-Special Ending
Mario Kart 64 - Kenta Nagata - Nintendo - N64 - 1997
-Mario Kart 64 Theme
-3 Raceways, Wario Stadium
-Moo Moo Farm, Yoshi Valley
-Koopa Troopa Beach
-Winning Results
-Toad’s Turnpike
-Frappe Snowland
-Choco Mountain, Battle Arenas
-Rainbow Road
-Victory Lap
-Kalimari Desert

Episode 244: Soyo Oka

For the final week of Nintendo Month '16, the guys explore the career of classic Nintendo composer Soyo Oka! Her music is as iconic as any in the heyday of VGM, but she is not a household name. The bros do their part to change that. Enjoy some of the best Nintendo music ever composed!

Ice Hockey - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - NES - 1988
-Team Selections
Vs. Excitebike - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - FDS - 1988
-Title Screen & Vs. Edit Mode
Famicom Mukashibanashi: Yuyuki - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - FDS - 1989
Pilotwings - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - SNES - 1990
-Opening & Flight Club
-Light Plane
SimCity - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - SNES - 1991
-Bad Evaluation
Super Mario Kart - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - SNES - 1992
-Title Screen
-Mario Circuit
-Donut Plains
-Koopa Beach
-Vanilla Lake
-Rainbow Road
Super Mario All-Stars - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - SNES - 1993
-Title, Bonus
Wario's Woods - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - NES - 1994
-Title Screen
Nurse Witch Komugi - Soyo Oka - Kid - PS2 - 2004
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally - Soyo Oka - Nintendo
-Title Screen

Episode 177: Mario Kart 8

In this episode, the guys focus on the wonderful music to 2014's Mario Kart 8! This soundtrack was an exciting and long-awaited return to form for the Mario Kart series. Karl & Will share and discuss 20 of the best tracks from the game, including some of the wonderful DLC music. Enjoy!


Mario Kart 8 – Atsuko Asahi, Shiho Fujii, Ryo Nagamatsu, Yasuaki Iwata – Nintendo – Wii U – 2014
-Mario Kart 8
-Mario Kart Stadium
-Water Park
-Sweet Sweet Canyon
-Toad Harbor
-SNES Donut Plains 3
-Twisted Mansion
-Sunshine Airport
-Dragon Driftway
-Dolphin Shoals (Above Ground)
-Mount Wario
-Mute City
-Cloudtop Cruise
-Bowser’s Castle
-Rainbow Road
-Hyrule Circuit
-Wild Woods
-Super Bell Subway
-N64 Rainbow Road
-Staff Credits