mother 3

Episode 386: Mother 3

In this episode, Karl & Will focus on the eclectic and lovable soundtrack to Mother 3! Composed solely by Shogo Sakai, this amazing score covers tons of different styles and emotions, while pushing the boundaries of what GBA music can be. Enjoy!


Mother 3 - Shogo Sakai - Nintendo - GBA - 2006

-Fun Naming

-Mom's Hometown

-To Sunshine Forest

-Mr. Batty Twist

-Gentle Rain

-Run, My Dog, Run!

-And El Mariachi

-Unfounded Revenge

-Monkey's Delivery Service

-Happy Town?

-Even Drier Guys

-Mother 3 Love Theme

-Quite the River


-Volcano! Inferno!

-Porky's Porkies

-True Welcome!

-No Eating Crackers in the Cinema

-Time Passage

-Curtain Call