Episode 182: Final Fantasy 1-3

This week, the guys focus on the wonderful music to the first three Final Fantasy games! These wonderful 8-bit scores find Uematsu at his most catchy and simple. Enjoy some legendary early video game music that laid the framework for an entire series!

Final Fantasy - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - NES - 1987
-Main Theme
-Chaos Temple
-Gurgu Volcano
-Floating Ship
Final Fantasy II - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Famicom - 1988
-Rebel Army Theme
-Castle Pandemonium
-Cave Theme
-Emperor Battle
-Game Over
Final Fantasy III - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Famicom - 1990
-Alter Cave
-Cursed Town
-Battle Theme
-The Requiem
-Go Above the Clouds!
-The Boundless Ocean