Episode 205: Banjo Kazooie (Live from MAGFest)

In this one-of-a-kind episode, the guys (joined by Stephen and Bryan Kelly) explore the music of Banjo Kazooie! Recorded live from MAGFest 2016, this episode has a spontaneous energy unlike any other! Also- Grant Kirkhope drops by for a great chat! Don't miss this unforgettable episode.

Banjo Kazooie - Grant Kirkhope - Nintendo - N64 - 1998
-Game Selection
-Spiral Mountain
-Gruntilda's Lair
-Treasure Trove Cove
-Bubblegloop Swamp
-Freezeezy Peak
-Gobi's Valley
-Mad Monster Mansion
-Click Clock Wood
Banjo Tooie - Grant Kirkhope - Nintendo - N64 - 2000
-Grunty Industries
-Jinjo Village
-Isle o' Hags
-Jingaling's Throne Room

-Thanks to Grant Kirkhope for taking the time to talk with us!-