Episode 389: Atelier Ryza

In this long-awaited episode, Karl & Will spotlight on the amazing new soundtrack to Atelier Ryza! This score from the Gust and Koei sound teams is masterfully composed, performed and produced. And is truly one of the best scores of the year. Enjoy!


Atelier Ryza - Kazuki Yanagawa, Shin-ichiro Nakamura, Kosuke Mizukami, Asami Mitake, Hayato Asano - Gust - Switch/PS4 - 2019

-Iridescent Summer

-A Big Summer Adventure


-The Sound of Silver

-Oh My God, Every Day!

-Secret Hideout

-Home Island

-Little Fairy Forest

-Grotta dello Zaffiro


-Something You Can Hold in Your Hand

-Ash Climbing

-A Place Where Past Dreams Gather

-Dreaming Ruins

-Rubis de Lave


-Etude Andante

-Tear-Colored Summer

-Grain Rain, Wheat Wind

-Won't Forget, Can't Regret