sam & max

Episode 383: Sam & Max Hit the Road

In this long-overdue podcast, Karl & Will focus on one of their favorite and most nostalgic scores: Sam & Max Hit the Road! Composed by the Lucasarts "Dream Team", this film-noir-inspired jazz score is rich, funny and very ahead of its time. Enjoy!


Sam & Max Hit the Road - Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnell, Michael Land - Lucasarts - PC - 1993


-A Pleasantly Understated Credit Sequence

-Another Idiotic & Baffling Assignment

-Outside Headquarters (The Courier)

-Carnival of the Odd

-Scene of the Crime

-Trixie's Trailor

-Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 1

-The World's Largest Ball of Twine

-World of Fish (I'm a Trout, Stupid)

-Doug the Moleman

-Highway Surfing

-Childhood in Brighton (King of the Creatures)


-Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 2

-Dino Bungee National Memorial

-The Tale of Brave Sir Sam

-Savage Jungle Inn

-The Elder's Pool