silent hill

Episode 291: Silent Hill

In this frightening episode of the show, Karl & Will focus on the iconic and beloved music to the Silent Hill series! Focusing just on the first 4 entries, composed by Akira Yamaoka, this music will surely get you into the Halloween spirit!


Silent Hill - Akira Yamaoka - Konami - PS1 - 1999
-Dark Again
-Eternal Rest
Silent Hill 2 - Akira Yamaoka - Konami - PS2 - 2001
-Theme of Laura
-Ordinary Vanity
-Love Psalm
-Theme of Laura (Reprise)
Silent Hill 3 - Akira Yamaoka - Konami - PS2 - 2003
-Ditching the Detective
-A Will for Revenge
-I Want Love
-Casual Background
-Breeze ~ In Monochrome Night
Silent Hill 4: The Room - Akira Yamaoka - Konami - PS2/Xbox - 2004
-Melancholy Requiem
-Cradel of Forest
-Room of Angel
-Waiting For You
-Nightmarish Waltz