Bonus Episode: Sonicesque Arranged

In this BONUS Episode, Karl shares his new album "Sonicesque Arranged" in it's entirety! This is an album featuring brand-new modern remakes of 14 of the best Sonicesque tracks spanning all 4 volumes. Enjoy the tunes!

bonus ep

Sonicesque Arranged – Karl Brueggemann – 2015
-Flicker Island
-Sprawling Shipyard
-Diamond Dash
-Rubble Canyon
-Machine Meltdown
-Shadow Cliff
-Coconut Hill
-Arctic Wasteland
-Magnet Mines
-File Select
-Windy Wetlands
-Sparkling Shore
-Aquamarine Base
-Final Boss

Download Sonicesque Arranged here!

Bonus Episode: Sonicesque Vol. IV

Enjoy this 2nd Bonus episode! Karl shares his recent Sonicesque, Vol. IV in it's entirety!

Bonus Ep

Click HERE to download Sonicesque Vol. IV

Sonicesque, Vol. IV – Karl Brueggemann – 2014
-Title Screen
-Emerald Isle
-Aquamarine Base
-Ruble Canyon
-Jackpot Arena
-Soaring Gadget
-File Select
-Special Stage
-Cursed Caverns
-Arctic Wasteland
-Mecha Factory
-Hidden Hangar
-Boss Theme
-Astral Destructor
-Staff Roll