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Episode 243: Super Mario Bros. Trilogy

For week 3 of Nintendo Month '16, the guys present one of their most epic episodes of all time: Super Mario Bros. Trilogy! Spotlighting on the first 3 NES soundtracks, the Bros. go in-depth to analyze why the music to these 3 games will live on forever.

Super Mario Bros. - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - NES - 1985
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - NES - 1988
-Title Screen
-Character Select
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - NES - 1990
-Map 1: Grass Land
-Warp Zone
-Hammer Bros.
-Boss Battle
-Falling From the Sky
-Bowser Battle
-Map 4: Giant Land