super mario 64

Episode 86: Super Mario 64

For the third week of Nintendo Month, Karl & Will present a spotlight on the music of one of the most legendary video games of all time: Super Mario 64! Featuring almost every single track from the game, the guys dive deep into what makes this one of their favorites, and one of Koji Kondo's very best entries in this legendary series. This episode is sure to be a stroll down memory lane for almost any fan of video game music. Enjoy! Listen to Episode 86


Super Mario 64 - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - Nintendo 64 - 1996 -Title Theme -Opening -Bob-omb Battlefield -Inside the Castle Walls -File Select -Slider -Stage Boss -Dire, Dire Docks -Lethal Lava Land -Powerful Mario -Snow Mountain -Haunted House -Merry-Go-Round -Koopa's Theme -Hazy Maze Cave -Metallic Mario -Piranha Plant's Lullaby -Koopa's Road -Ultimate Koopa -Ending Demo -Staff Roll -Throwback Galaxy (from Mario Galaxy 2)