Episode 157: Gravity Rush

It's finally time to dedicate an episode to Gravity Rush! Karl & Will were blown away by this stellar Vita soundtrack by the wonderful Kohei Tanaka. Enjoy an in-depth look and discussion of why this score is so sophisticated, unique and beautiful.


Gravity Rush – Kohei Tanaka – Sony – Vita – 2012
-Trump Card
-Discovery of Gravitation
-Gravity Daze
-Old Town
-Resistance and Extermination
-Gravity Days
-Yumemi Salon
-Encounter with Gade
-Gravity Raven
-Ruined Paths
-Pleasure Quarter
-The Phantom of Heskeville
-The Farthest King
-Douse Shinundakara
-Assault Cnida
-Decisive Battle
-Tactical Execution