wild arms

Episode 286: Wild Arms

In this very special episode, the guys explore the wonderful music of the Wild Arms series! Led by series composer Michiko Naruke, the music of this western-themed RPG series is heroic, exciting and fun. Enjoy some excellent VGM and discussion!


Wild Arms - Michiko Naruke - Sony - PS1 - 1997
-Migrant Bird of the Wilderness
-Morning of the Journey
-To the End of the Wilderness
Wild Arms 2 - Michiko Naruke - Sony - PS1 - 1999
-Barren Lands
-Knight Blazer
Wild Arms 3 - Michiko Naruke - Sony - PS2 - 2002
-Migratory Birds
-Scenery Called "Everyday"
Wild Arms 4 - Michiko Naruke, Masato Kouda - Sony - PS2 - 2006
-Staionary Village Ciel
-Port Rosalia
Wild Arms 5 - Noriyasu Agematsu, Masato Kouda - Sony - PS2 - 2007
-The Vth Vanguard
-On the Day the Shovel Was Named Invincible
-I'll Return Here Someday
-Only Because It's Important Does It Easily Break
-Terrible Monster Attacking Crew
-A Boy Meets a Girl and ARMs
-The Dry Wild Blows Over You
Wild Arms XF - Noriyasu Agematsu, Kaori Oda - Sony - PSP - 2008
-Lies of Truth