Episode 180: Marcato Radio 6

In this sixth installment of Marcato Radio, the non-stop playlist focuses on composer Yasuhisa Watanabe. Known by the alias "Yack", this unique composer has a distinct style of jazz fusion, mixed with some experimental elements. Yack was a member of Zuntata, Taito's in-house band. Enjoy his effective and unique take on video game music!

Border Down – Upon the New Raid (Stage 1)
WarTech: Senko no Ronde – Assemble
Street Fighter EX2 Plus – Digital Ignition Theme
Syvalion – Universe
Ginga Force – Aeronaut (Chapter 1)
Custom Robo – Robo Cup Stage
Pu-Li-Ru-La – Depleted Town
FM Sound Module Maniax – Eastshire
Street Fighter EX3 – Harem Beat
Elevator Action Returns – Blow Up
Metal Black – Dual Moon (Round 2)
Border Down – Bye-bye Mars (Stage 3G)
Puchi Carat – Gemstone Land
Senko no Ronde Dis-United Order – Highway Rose
Growl – Dear Partner
Megalomachia2 – Super Reflex
Bubble Bobble Neo! – Area 1