Episode 357: Octopath Traveler Part 2

This week, Karl & Will revisit the incredible soundtrack of last year’s Octopath Traveler! This score is so jam-packed with amazing tracks that the guys couldn’t resist sharing even more music they weren’t able to the first time. Enjoy some top-tier VGM!


Octopath Traveler - Yasunori Nishiki - Square Enix - Switch - 2018
-Tranquil Days
-Alfyn, the Apothecary
-The Coastlands
-Battle I
-The Cliftlands
-A Sea Breeze Blows
-Cobbleston, Nestled in the Hills
-My Quiet Forest Home
-Enveloped in Kindness
-Battle III
-Among Stately Peaks
-Orewell, Beneath the Crags
-The One They Call the Witch
-An Ill Omen
-The Frostlands
-Sunshade, City of Pleasures

Episode 356: Show & Tell 27

It's time for another installment of Show & Tell! Karl & Will each bring in their own playlist of tracks that the other hasn't heard. And in Show & Tell fashion, they duke it out in order to decide the track of the week. Enjoy what is possibly the best Show & Tell episode yet!


Wai Wai World 2 - Kenichi Matsubara - Konami - Famicom - 1991

-Fierce Truck

Rollergames - Atsushi Fujio - Konami - NES - 1990

-Maniacs (Zone 3)

Landstalker - Motoaki Takenouchi - Sega - Genesis - 1992

-Bustling Street

Zaidan Houjin Nihon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Koushiki Soft: 200 Mannin no KanKen: Tokoton Kanji Nou - Unknown - IE Institute - DS - 2006

-BGM 1

Etrian Odyssey Nexus - Yuzo Koshiro - Atlus - 3DS - 2019

-Labyrinth 1

Master of Monsters - Hayato Matsuo - SystemSoft - Genesis - 1991

-Yellow Robe

Heart Heat Girls - Yuki Nakayama - Cat's Pro - PC-98 - 1993


Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar - Noriko Ishida, Eri Yasuda - Marvelous - DS - 2008

-Love Event 1

Jacob Greenmount - 2017

-Oscar's Chip

Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar - Noriko Ishida, Eri Yasuda - Marvelous - DS - 2008

-Ending Kari

Monster Hunter Generations - Akihiko Narita - Capcom - 3DS - 2015

-Pokke Village

Energy Breaker - Yukio Nakajima - Neverland - SNES - 1996

-Thoughts Unarrived

Future Vision - Laxity - Maniax - 1991


Momotaro Dengeki - Masakatsu Maekawa - Hudson - Game Boy - 1993

-BGM 13 (Ending?)

Shovel Knight: King of Cards - Jake Kaufman - Yacht Club Games - Switch/PS4/XBox One - 2019

-Joustus (Card Game)

Miitopia - Toshiyuki Sudo, Shinji Ushiroda - Nintendo - 3DS - 2016


Owlboy - Jonathan Geer - D-Pad - PC/Switch - 2016

-Vellie (Owlboy Theme)

Zaidan Houjin Nihon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Koushiki Soft: 200 Mannin no KanKen: Tokoton Kanji Nou - Unknown - IE Institute - DS - 2006

-BGM 2

Episode 355: Celeste

In this long-overdue episode, Karl & Will explore the atmospheric and emotional soundtrack of 2018's Celeste! The guys discuss why this music has moved so many fans. Enjoy!


Celeste - Lena Raine - Matt Makes Games - PC/Switch/PS4 - 2018
-First Steps
-Spirit of Hospitality
-Scattered and Lost
-Quiet and Falling
-In the Mirror
-Madeline and Theo
-Confronting Myself
-Little Goth
-Reach for the Summit
-My Dearest Friends
-Heart of the Mountain

Episode 354: Paper Mario

In this episode, Karl & Will explore the music of the Paper Mario series! Featuring music from 4 titles in the series, from the N64 to the 3DS, this playlist is full of zaniness and fun. The guys also discuss how this series stands apart from the mainline Mario series. Enjoy!


Paper Mario - Yuka Tsujiyoko, Taishi Senda - Nintendo - N64 - 2000

-Story of the Stolen Spirits

-Princess in Distress

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko - Nintendo - Gamecube - 2004

-Petal Meadows

-Intro Story

-Main Theme


-Lord Crump's Theme

-Twilight Town

-Doopliss Battle

-X-Naut Fortress

-We're Counting on You, Mario!

-Farewell, Rogueport

Super Paper Mario - Naoko Mitome & Chika Sekigawa - Nintendo - Wii - 2007


-The Evil Count Bleck

-The Ultimate Show (Final Battle)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Masanobu Matsunaga, Shoh Murakami, Yasuhisa Baba - Nintendo - 3DS - 2012

-Title Screen

-Sling a Thing

-The Enigmansion (Un-Haunted)

Episode 353: Favorites with Zach: Xenoblade Edition

It's time for another installment of Favorites with Friends! This time, Karl & Will welcome friend and supporter of the show Zach Walton. Zach decides to change things up and brings in all tracks from Xenoblade X. Enjoy this very unique twist on Favorites with Friends!


Xenoblade Chronicles X - Hiroyuki Sawano - Monolith - Wii U - 2015




-The Death of an Archaic Age


-Shinpiteki (Mysterious)

-So near, so far

-z15 field

-Z39 comical

-Black Tar


-z37 battle


-NLA Shuuhen (Surrounding Area of NLA)

-Yakou Mori (Luminescent Forest)

-Boukyaku Keikoku (Ravine of Lost Memories) **

-Z? field

-Shiro no Tairiku (Land of White)

-Kuro no Tairiku (Land of Black)

-Don't Worry

Episode 352: Greatest Hits 2018

In yearly tradition, once again Karl & Will look back on the very best music that was played on the podcast in 2018! Enjoy this incredible collection of the cream of the musical crop. Here's to another wonderful year of VGM!


Kamiko - Misoka - Kamiko Main Theme

Katamari Damacy - Yu Miyake - Cherry Blossom Color Season

Kuusou Kagaku Sekai: Gulliver Boy - Kohei Tanaka - House Toscani

Cat Girl Without Salad - Jake Kaufman - BGM Radical Galaxy

Ricora - Blooming Summer Sky, Flower of Love

Sonic Mania - Tee Lopes - Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Zone)

Son Son II - Manami Matsumae - Credits

Octopath Traveler - Yasunori Nishiki - The Flatlands

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2012 - Tomoaki Hirono - Power Hitter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Hideki Sakamoto - Main Theme (Instrumental)

The Consouls - Consouls 1-1 EP - Shy Guy Beach

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Manami Kiyota - Spirit Crucible Elpys

Overcooked - Christian Marsac - Main Theme

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask - Tomohito Nishiura - Miracle Mask Theme

Titan of Plasma - The Rise of the Black Sun Dragons

RiME - David García Díaz - The Island

Guilty Gear X2 - Daisuke Ishiwatari - Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Yasuaki Iwata - Tarrey Town

Episode 351: Auteur

In the Season 15 Premiere, Karl & Will explore examples of video game music where the developer of the game also composed the music! Enjoy a smattering of amazing VGM from multi-talented creative artists!


Kero Blaster - Daisuke Amaya - OXOX Hotel

Donkey Kong - Shigeru Miyamoto - Stage Theme

To the Moon - Kan Gao - Main Theme

Stardew Valley - ConcernedApe - Pelican Town

Leisure Suit Larry 1 - Al Lowe - Main Theme

Undertale - Toby Fox - Fallen Down (Reprise)

Touhou Kaikidan: Mystic Square - ZUN - Dimension of Reverie

Escape Goat 2 - Ian Stocker - Reunion

Cave Story - Daisuke Amaya - Title Theme

Doki Doki Literature Club! - Dan Salvato - Title Theme

Tiny Wings - Andreas Illiger - Tiny Wings Theme

Undertale - Toby Fox - Megalovania

Guilty Gear X2 - Daisuke Ishiwatari - Writhe In Pain

La-Mulana - Takumi Naramura - Grand History

Prince of Persia - Jordan & Francis Mechner - Intro

Bonus Episode: Marcato Radio NYE Edition!

The guys take this week off to get ready for MAGFest, so they present this very special Marcato Radio! Just in time for New Year's Eve, enjoy a special, hand-picked assortment of dancey, energetic VGM! Happy New Year!!


Super Robot Taisen K - Kennosuke Suemura - Spring Breeze

Beatmania IIDX 25 Cannon Ballers - Dirty Androids - Midnight Lady

Tobu Tobu Girl - potato-tan - Party in the Catmosphere

Vince Kaichan - F Phunk

Legend of the Mystical Ninja - Kazuhiko Uehara - Kyoto

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Kenichi Tokoi - Pocket Marathon

Blue Reflection - Hayato Asano - KOSUICHINOKAKUSURANAKIKU

Streets of Rage 2 - Yuzo Koshiro - Dreamer

Beatmania IIDX 24 - Hige Driver - Shuriken

Rhythm Heaven - Masami Yone - Tunnel

Cat Girl Without Salad - Jake Kaufman - Title Theme

Mouryou Senki Madara - Atsushi Fujio - Ma-Da-Ra

ChipWINter Wilderness - Megabit Panda - Skaoi's Winter Mattress Blowout Sale

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Richard Jacques - Race of Ages

Ganbare Goemon 4 - Kazuhiko Uehara - Water Moon Forest

Waveform 2 - Joshua Morse - Take Flight

mootbooxle - Tracing Shadows

Crypt of the NecroDancer: Freestyle Retro - Jake Kaufman - Stone Cold

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 - Zantilla - Big Booty Hank & The Wank Stank Booty Tank

Gran Turismo 6 - Yuki Oike - Age of Aquarius

Shantae: Half Genie Hero - Jake Kaufman - Uncle Mimic's Song