About the Super Marcato Bros.

Karl & Will Brueggemann are the Super Marcato Bros. Together, they form a musical duo, and compose original video game music. Brothers in real life, they share a strong musical connection and vision, which propels them to create together. In addition to composing, Karl & Will host a weekly video game music podcast in which they discuss compositional and technical aspects of game music from all generations. They both share a love of melody, inspired not only from classic video game music, but from the likes of George Gershwin, John Williams, Lennon & McCartney all the way to Dave Grohl. Karl & Will’s music, first and foremost, is melodic and energetic. They strive to compose melodies that will resonate with everyone. Through their podcast, they are able to express the significance of effective game music, and what separates it as an art form. They also interview composers as well. In 2017, their podcast was featured in Buzzfeed's "22 Podcasts That'll Make You a More Interesting Person" list. The marcato brothers podcast network also hosts other shows such as the film music podcast UnderScore,  with more planned in the future! In addition to composing for indie and mobile games, they have also released many homage albums, capturing the style of classic series, such as Mario, Mega Man, Sonic & more.

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Karl’s love of music was first discovered through the drums, at the age of nine. Since then, this love has continued to grow and flourish. In addition to drums, Karl is also a pianist, guitarist and vocalist. He started writing original music at the age of twelve, and started playing in bands around this time as well. Throughout his high school years, Karl started to become more deeply involved in recording and songwriting. He went on to attend Winona State University, and graduated in the fall of 2010 with a degree in Music Business. Karl is now very active in the twin cities music scene, playing in the funk band Karl B & the Soul Surgeons, but his biggest passion continues to be composing, specifically for video games. A lover of Jazz and Funk, he enjoys incorporating those styles into his game music composition, which creates a heavy emphasis on the groove. In the winter of 2011, Karl released “Sonicesque, Vol. I”, which was a turning point for him as a video game composer. He went on to release four volumes of Sonicesque, which are original albums of music inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Genesis. The music of these games remain some of Karl’s favorite and most influential as a composer. Recently, Karl composed the original soundtrack to “Sonic Classic 2.”

Will has been singing almost as long as he has been speaking. For as long as he can remember, he has been harmonizing to the music around him. Will’s principle instrument is his voice. Growing up in an incredibly musical family, music and great melodies were always abundant. As he grew in his musical understanding, so did his appreciation for many diverse types of music. In addition to being an accomplished vocalist, Will also plays Piano and Trumpet. He has been writing music since the age of twelve. Throughout his high school years, he became more enamored with orchestral film music, and soon started composing symphonic pieces of his own. By the age of sixteen, Will had already composed five fully orchestrated works. In addition to symphonic music, he has a passion for Choral literature. Will has composed numerous original choral pieces, as well as many choral arrangements. Above all, his biggest passion still remains video game music. Specifically, the music composed by Koji Kondo for the Mario series has been one of Will’s biggest sources of inspiration. Will enjoys the process of incorporating many different musical traditions, from Romantic to Film music, into his own video game music. Will currently attends the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he is studying Composition.

There's a third Marcato brother! Karl and Will's oldest brother Marty is an invaluable addition to this musical and video game partnership. Marty is an accomplished composer, multi instrumentalist and video game lover in his own right, and is a frequent guest on the podcast. Additionally, he has contributed music to multiple Super Marcato Bros. albums, most notably "Hello World", in which he took on a large amount of the composing duties. Marty recently wrote an original 8-bit musical comedy called "Fireflower,"  and currently is a co-founder and engineer at Honeytone Recording Studio.

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