Tone Bank!

Karl's new album "Tone Bank" is now available! It's an instrumental album of original music, recorded entirely (minus a few drum sounds) from an old-school Casio CT-655 keyboard. The same keyboard that Karl grew up playing. Because of that, this album has a nostalgic vibe to it. Enjoy this collection of groovy, melodic and fun music. Click the image below to listen and download the album, and click below that for a nice review from Perelandra!

Another Day in Dream Land!

Karl finally has released "Another Day in Dream Land," his musical tribute to the work of Jun Ishikawa in the beloved Kirby series. This album aims to capture the unabashedly cute and fun spirit of Kirby music (particularly Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby Super Star). To add to the fun, this album was made entirely with SNES samples! Above all, this album's aim is to put a smile on your face. Click the image below to listen to and download the album!