Episode 260: Favorites with Aidan Clarke

It's time for another installment of Favorites with Friends! This time, Karl & Will welcome longtime friend of the show Aidan Clarke. Aidan brings in a wonderful playlist of some of his favorite VGM to share and discuss with the guys. Enjoy!

Link’s Awakening - Minako Hamano/Kozue Ishikawa - Opening
Gravity Rush 2 - Kohei Tanaka - Fire Bound Lions
Nier - Keiichi Okabe - Kainé (Escape)
Hotline Miami 2 - Carpenter Brut - Roller Mobster
Tr3s Lunas - Mike Oldfield - Misty
Axiom Verge - Thomas Happ - The Axiom
Pokemon Black & White - Shota Kageyama - Accumula Town
Persona 4: The Golden - Shoji Meouro - Shadow World
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle - Chikayo Fukuda - Who Will Judge?
The Last of Us - Gustavo Santaolalla - The Last of Us
Bayonetta 2 - Masami Ueda/Keeley Bumford - Tomorrow Is Mine
The Swapper - Carlo Castellano - Recreation
Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery - Jim Guthrie - Lone Star
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Joan Baez - Here’s to You, Nicola and Bart
3D Dot Game Heroes - Shinji Hosoe - Main Theme
Metroid Metal - Stemage - Kraid (Varia Suite version)

Episode 259: More Modern Chiptunes

This week, the guys check back in with the world of Modern Chiptunes! There is some incredible music being created in this passionate community, and this episode showcases some of the very best of it. WARNING: Extremely funky music lies ahead...

Jayster - Sunrise to Sunset
HertzDevil - 2A03 Puritans - Extends Levant
Fearofdark - Famicompo Mini 10 - Microbeings
coda - Soundshock 2: FM Funk Terror!! - Megabits per Second
Fearofdark - The Early Attempts - Dancing On The M%n
Elwood - Spark
Zabutom - Famicompo Mini 6 - Let's Shooting
virt - Lorem Chipsum
potato-tan - Welc.moe
Coda - Dorito Dust
Moot Booxle - Soundshock 2: FM Funk Terror!! - Chomp
An0va - Nerd Table at the High School Cafeteria of Life
Simon Stålenhag - Fluvial Beat Deposits
virt - Loli Fishing Next 20,000 Leagues
tenfour - Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana!! - Cave Bouncer
Kulor - Winter Chip XI - Still Playing Mario
stinkbug - Bard Jr.
raphaelgoulart - Winter Chip X - Propeller Plane
TQ-Jam - Plum Pop
Grundler - Stinkler

Episode 258: Show & Tell 21

It's Show & Tell time! In this long-overdue installment, Karl, Will & Marty each bring in their own playlist of tracks that the others haven't heard. And in Show & Tell fashion, they duke it out in order to decide the track of the week. Enjoy some amazing VGM!

-Cut the Rope: Magic - Scienart Media - Menu Theme
-Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius - Noriyasu Agematsu - DUEL!!
-The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds - Ryo Nagamatsu - Milk Bar
-Cocoron - Yoshiji Yokoyama & Takashi Tateishi - Medley
-DATA002 - Dubmood and Zabutom - Supersquatting (Razor 1911 Edit)
-Shaiya - George Oldziey - Anthem of Shaiya
-Family Basic - Koji Kondo - Happy Birthday
-Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana - Hayato Sonoda - Lost in Green
-The Maze of Galious - Kazuhiko Uehara - Castle BGM
-Cocoron - Yoshiji Yokoyama & Takashi Tateishi - Stage 5
-Atelier Firis - Tatsuya Yano - Pororoca
-Naruto - Untitled (Simple Style)
-Two Dots - Upright T-Rex - Dusty Dots
-Hugo 2 - Alberto Gonzalez - Title Screen
-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Manaka Kataoka - Devine Beast Vah Ruta Battle
-Ori and the Blind Forest - Gareth Coker - Ori, Lost in the Storm
-Arcadia no Aoki Miko - Naoshi Mizuta - Shrine Maiden Prayer
-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Manaka Kataoka - Rito Village
-The Swinging Star - Dreams Come True - Haretara Iine
-Atelier Sophie - Hayato Asano - Scenery of the Town ~ Daytime

Episode 257: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

In time to celebrate the launch of the Switch, and a brand new Zelda game, the guys spotlight on the series' previous console entry- Skyward Sword! This beautiful but controversial score was the first in the series to feature a real recorded orchestra. Enjoy some wonderful music and discussion!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Wakai/Fujii/Yokota/Hama/Kondo - Nintendo - Wii - 2011
-File Select
-Prologue - Legend of the Goddess
-Ballad of the Goddess
-Skyloft Introduction
-Meet Groose
-Crimson Loftwing
-Zelda's Missing
-Knight Academy Theme
-Fi's Theme
-Exploring the Skies (Overworld)
-Story Unfolding
-Sailing the Sand Sea
-Groose on the Surface
-Lake Floria
-Going Through The Time Portal
-Ghirahim Third Battle (Phase 1)
-Fi's Farewell
-Staff Roll

Episode 256: Gravity Rush 2

In this highly-anticipated episode, Karl & Will spotlight on the incredible soundtrack to Gravity Rush 2! The previous game's score was one of the guys' recent favorites, and this followup, composed again by Kohei Tanaka, surely does not disappoint!

Gravity Rush 2 - Kohei Tanaka - Sony Interactive - PS4 - 2017
-Storm and Triumph
-The Area of the Magic
-Anti-Warfare Against Heavy Pressure
-Parallel Fatal
-Returning to Port
-Morning Market of Portraio
-Gravity Daze 2
-Hot Pursuit
-Lei Havina
-March of the Dead
-Fate’s Spiral
-Under Invasion
-Lei Elgona
-A Cue aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple
-Queen of Electromagnetic Force
-Fundamental Forces
-Night Gale

Episode 255: Albert Odyssey

In this episode, Karl & Will focus on the gorgeous and under-appreciated music of the Albert Odyssey games! These three games for the Super Famicom and Saturn had some of the most well-composed scores anywhere. Sunsoft legend Naoki Kodaka masterfully combined elements of classical, film, and pop into something quite timeless. Enjoy!

Albert Odyssey - Naoki Kodaka - Sunsoft - Super Famicom - 1993
-Anthem of a New Hero
-Hometown Tibelis
-An Offering to the Holy King Gort
-Lovers' Dirge
-Sleeping World
-Lovely Faeries
-Lost in the Darkness
-Clouds Riding the Wind
Albert Odyssey II - Naoki Kodaka - Sunsoft - Super Famicom - 1994
-Dirge of Grief
-Goth Kingdom Anthem
-Princess's Intension
-Sorceress of Glacier
-City of Dusk
-New Sunlight
-Land of Frozen Forest
-City of Luxuriance
Albert Odyssey Gaiden: Legend of Eldean - Naoki Kodaka - Sunsoft - Saturn - 1996
-Main Theme 1
-Main Theme 2

Episode 254: The Shantae Series

In this very groovy episode, the guys focus on the phenomenal music of the Shantae series! This shouldn't come as a surprise, since these scores were composed by Jake Kaufman. Enjoy some masterful video game music that will make you want to get up and dance!

Shantae - Jake Kaufman - Capcom - Game Boy Color - 2002
-Sequin Land East ~ Day Travel
-Welcome to Water Town!
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Jake Kaufman - WayForward - DSi/PC - 2010
-Burning Town
-Scuttle Town
-The Final Challenge
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Jake Kaufman - WayForward - 3DS/PC/PS4 - 2014
-File Select
-Trip Through Sequin Land
-Scuttle Town
-We Love Burning Town
-Rave in the Grave (Zombie Island)
-Arctic Justice
Shantae: Half Genie Hero - Jake Kaufman - WayForward - PC/PS4/Wii U - 2016
-Dance Through the Danger
-Mermaid Falls
-Counterfeit Mermaids
-Rottytops' Song
-Tassle Town

-Special thanks to Phil for the episode suggestion!-

Episode 253: Zircon

Featuring an Exclusive Interview!

In this very exciting episode, Karl & Will focus on the incredible music of remixer and composer Andrew Aversa, a.k.a Zircon! In addition to a wonderful, extensive conversation with Andrew, the guys also present and discuss a handful of his best tracks. Enjoy this spotlight on a true VGM talent!

Castlevania - Electro Killer 6000 - Zircon - 2013
Super Mario World - Monstrous Turtles! - Zircon - 2007
Final Fantasy VI - Dirt Devil - Zircon - 2008
Beyond Vision - Zircon - 2016
Lufia II - Searing Aggression - Zircon - 2016
Mega Man 9 - Daft Drafts - Zircon - 2010
Fittest - Photosynthesis - Zircon - 2009
Final Fantasy VI - Till We Meet Again (w/ Jillian Aversa, AeroZ) - Zircon - 2013
Harmony of Heroes - Smash Superstars - Zircon - 2014