Episode 377: Final Fantasy XIII-2

In this episode, Karl & Will spotlight on the beautiful and eclectic score to Final Fantasy XIII-2! The music to this Final Fantasy sequel is both emotional and surprising. Enjoy a diverse collection of VGM from 3 composers at the top of their game!


Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Naoshi Mizuta, Masashi Hamauzu & Mitsuto Suzuki - Square Enix - PS3 - 2011

-New Bodhum

-The Promise (from XIII)

-A Wish

-Paragidm Shift

-Full Speed Ahead

-Historia Crux

-An Arrow Through Time

-Etro's Champion

-Unseen Intruder (Instrumental)



-Academia Theme

-Plains of Eternity

-Village And Void

-Warrior Goddess

-Labyrinth of Chaos

-Noel's Theme

-The Future

Episode 376: Dorian

For the Season 16 Premiere, Karl & Will explore one of the strongest and most identifiable musical building blocks in video game music: the Dorian mode! This special scale can evoke surprise, wonder, excitement, or spirituality. Enjoy this exploration of what some of the best VGM has in common!


Rudra no Hihou - Ryuji Sasai - The Quest for Rudra's Mines

RuneScape 3 - James Hannigan - Village Dance

Super Mario RPG - Yoko Shimomura - Beware the Forest's Mushrooms

Shovel Knight - Jake Kaufman - Main Theme

Metroid Prime - Kenji Yamamoto - Hall of the Elders

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Koji Kondo - Dark World

Street Fighter 2010 - Junko Tamiya - Wetland

Halo: Combat Evolved - Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori - Main Theme

Rudra no Hihou - Ryuji Sasai - Earth Bound

Ys V - Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. - Stormy Town

Rockman & Forte - Naoshi Mizuta - Museum

Final Fantasy V - Nobuo Uematsu - Ahead On Our Way

Octopath Traveler - Yasunori Nishiki - A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

Ys II - Mieko Ishikawa - Subterranean Canal

Shatterhand - Iku Mizutani, Kouichi Yamanishi - Area B

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo - Queen Rutela's Theme

Yoshi's Island - Koji Kondo - Underground

Pilotwings - Soyo Oka - Light Plane

Bonus Episode: Marcato Radio 16

It's time for another installment of Marcato Radio! Once again, it's another non-stop collection of outstanding video game music. Some you've heard before, and many you have not. Enjoy!


H_Mister - Winter Chip XIV - Burning

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana - Falcome JDK - Gens D' Armes

petet - Spring Tracks VIII - Naiad's Lament

Final Fantasy Dimensions - Naoshi Mizuta - Face Your Fears

Voodoo Vince - Steve Kirk - Sarchophogus Hustle

H_Mister and nu11 - Spring Tracks VIII - Suppressed Feelings

Stella Glow - Yasunori Mitsuda - Title Screen

HHG Heart Heat Girls - Yuki Nakayama - BGM 22

kfaraday - Winter Chip XIV - 1003 Racing Miku

JonKaruzu - Winter Chip XIV - Mighty to Decoder

One Piece: World Seeker - Kohei Tanaka - Main Theme

Energy Breaker - Yukio Nakajima - The Prayer Bells Do Not Toll

STAFFcirc - Spring Tracks VIII - A Mechanical Receptacle, Fifty Shards of a Glowing Heart

Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers - Richard Michael - Frankenmouse Theme

tothejazz - Spring Tracks VIII - Lil' Whoop

Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy - Kohei Tanaka - Love Theme

petet - Winter Chip XIV - Frostlight Festival

Mary Skelter: Nightmares - Yoh Ohyama - Metalic Bow Fight

Jredd - Spring Tracks VII - Moon Glider

Episode 375: Takashi Tateishi

Featuring an Exclusive Interview!

In this incredibly exciting episode, Karl, Will & Marty explore the video game career of Takashi Tateishi! The guys discuss Tateishi's iconic music to Mega Man 2, as well as a smattering of his other stellar VGM work. And if that weren't exciting enough, the guys finally unveil their unforgettable interview with Tateishi-san from MAGFest this past January. Enjoy a historic episode of the SMBVGMP!


Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Metal Man (Cover by MET)

Mad Gear - Capcom - Arcade - Million Valley (Stage 6)

F-1 Dream - Capcom - Arcade - F-3000 Final Race 2

Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Air Man

Cocoron - Takeru - Famicom - Stage Theme III

Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Flash Man

Sidearms Hyperdyne - Capcom - PC Engine - Round 1

Mad Gear - Capcom - Arcade - Capital (Stage 1)

Mad Gear - Capcom - Arcade - Net Wood Forest (Stage 2)

Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Dr. Wily Stage 1

Cocoron - Takeru - Famicom - Character Select Map Theme

Cocoron - Takeru - Famicom - Stage Theme V

Willow - Capcom - Arcade - Stage 1

Mighty No. 9 - Inti Creates - PS4/Xbox One - Desolate Highway

U.N. Squadron - Capcom - SNES - Forest Fortress 1

-Special thanks to Alex Aniel, Mia Uchida and Travis Anderson for making this episode possible!-

Episode 374: Original Showcase 15

It's time for another installment of Original Showcase! These episodes, done once a season, are when the guys share their own original music they have composed for various projects and albums. Enjoy an eclectic mix of music by the Super Marcato Bros!


Super Marcato Bros. - Occultus - A Rushing Stream of Unspeakable Horrors

Karl Brueggemann - Spring Tracks VIII - Don't Hesitate

Will Brueggemann - Super Star Squadron - Saturn at Sunset

Karl Brueggemann - Winter Chip XIV - Super Ski '99

Will Brueggemann - Scherzo for Sara

Karl Brueggemann - Winter Chip XIV - Wild Penguin Strike

Marty Brueggemann - Robogirl 2 - Tasha & Tia (Terrible Twins)

Super Marcato Bros. - Secret Project - Stage 2: Sewers

Will Brueggemann - Super Star Squadron - Chillin' with the Villains

Karl Brueggemann - Spring Tracks VIII - Pour Your Heart

Super Marcato Bros. - In Days of Old - Love Scene

Super Marcato Bros. - In Days of Old - To and From the Great Peaks

Will Brueggemann - Unseen

Karl Brueggemann - Winter Chip XIV - Turbo Engine Force

Super Marcato Bros. - Unstable Scientific - Lava Landscape

Will Brueggemann - Super Star Squadron - Onward Excelsior

Karl Brueggemann - Spring Tracks VIII - Strolling the Sewer

Will Brueggemann - Upcoming Musical - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Marty Brueggemann - Robogirl 2 - Two Worlds

Karl Brueggemann - High Flyer - Full Tilt

Episode 373: Reeeemix! 6

It's time once again to play nothing but outstanding video game remixes! This is a very popular and active community of VGM that the guys like to check-in with every year or so. Enjoy a diverse collection of outstanding remixes, covers and arrangements!


The OneUps - Volume 4 - Steam Gardens [Super Mario Odyssey]

Mordi, Slaygon - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Woodland Intermission" OC ReMix

GaMetal - Silver Surfer Main Theme

insaneintherain - Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy Jazz Cover

Involved in the Troubles - Opening Stage (Mega Man X)

TiVAN - Monkey Island ["Pirates of the Caribbean" Style]

The Hit Points - A Settlement In The Red Bluffs (Octopath Traveler)

Scrab Cakes - Silent Film Partita (Symphony of the Night)

NoteBlock - Cherry Blossom Color Season (Katamari Damacy Remix)

Hypetreme - Shovel Knight "More Might" OC ReMix

Jake Kaufman - DuckTales Remastered - The Amazon

The 8-Bit Big Band - Press Start! - Zeldas Lullaby (Ocarina of Time)

Joshua Morse - Arcade Attack - ROYGBIV (Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road Remix)

HephestosMusic - Super Mario World Game Over Remix Part 3

Super Guitar Bros - Starfox Medley

The Consouls - Theme of Love (Final Fantasy IV)

Beg Briggs - Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg (Remix)

Super Marcato Bros. - Castlevania III - Beginning

Naz3nt - Shy Guy Beach (Future Funk Remix)

Kyle Landry - Dearly Beloved 2017

Episode 372: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

In this exciting and overdue episode, Karl & Will focus on the wonderful and underrated score to A Link Between Worlds! The guys discuss how Ryo Nagamatsu struck a perfect balance by both honoring the existing music in the series and exploring new directions.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Ryo Nagamatsu - Nintendo - 3DS - 2013

-Kakariko Village

-A Kingdom's Legend

-Hyrule Field

-Peaceful Castle


-Safety in the Sanctuary


-Hyrule Castle

-Milk Bar

-Hilda's Theme

-History of Lorule

-Lorule Main Theme

-Death Mountain

-Yuga Battle (Hyrule Castle)

-Thieves' Hideout

-Lorule Castle

-Yuga-Ganon Battle

-Final Battle

-Return of the Hero

-Staff Roll

Episode 371: Gradius

In this very exciting episode, Karl & Will finally spotlight on the wonderful music of the Gradius series! Focusing on the first 7 entries in this beloved Konami shooter series, this music is sure to leave you soaring!


Gradius - Miki Higashino - Konami - Arcade/NES/TG-16 - 1985

-Challenger 1985


-Stage 4: Free Flyer

Life Force (Salamander) - Miki Higashino, Hidenori Maezawa, Shinya Sakamoto - Konami - Arcade/NES - 1986

-Fly High


-Burn the Wind

-Stage 5: Road to Mystery

Nemesis 2 - Kinuyo Yamashita, Motoaki Furukawa - Konami - MSX - 1987

-A Journey to the Start (Air Battle)

-Don't Leave Me Alone

Gradius II - Shinji Tasaka, Motoaki Furukawa, Kenichi Matsubara - Konami - Arcade - 1988


-Burning Heat

-Synthetic Life

Gradius II - Hidenori Maezawa, Yukie Morimoto - Konami - NES - 1988

-Heavy Blow

-Over Heat

-Something Ghostly

Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction - Michiru Yamane, Kazuhiko Uehara - Konami - MSX - 1989

-Close Quarters (Stage 10)

-Give My Heart to You

Gradius III - Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko, Yukie Morimoto - Konami - SNES - 1990

-Fire Scramble

-Cosmo Plant

-Accident Road

Gradius: The Interstellar Assault - Yoshiyuki Hagiwara - Konami - Game Boy - 1991