Episode 218: Fire Emblem Fates

In this very moving episode, the guys explore the gorgeous soundtrack to this year's Fire Emblem Fates! Seeped with emotion and sophistication, this is a soundtrack that shows just how far video game music has come. Enjoy!

Fire Emblem Fates Hiroki Morishita, Takeru Kanazaki, Rei Kondoh - Nintendo - 3DS - 2016
-Road Taken (Roar)
-Ties That Bind
-Dusk Falls (Fire)
-Implore the Dawn
-End of All (Sky)
-What Can You Do?
-A Lady's Mirror
-Rejoice in Love
-Id (Hope) (Fates Version)
-How Can That Be?
-Warmth is Gone
-Fantastical Feast
-In the Stars
-Lost in Thoughts All Alone
-For Sakura and Elise
-Competition of Pride (Roar)
-Utsusemi's Puzzling Dream
-The Truth-Teller