Episode 234: Rudra no Hihou

In this very special episode, the guys spotlight on one of the most beautiful SNES scores that you probably haven't heard of. Rudra no Hihou. The guys discuss why the score to this Square RPG (released 20 years ago) should be celebrated for many years to come.

Rudora no Hihou - Ryuji Sasai - Square - Super Famicom - 1996
-Beginning for the End
-The Quest for Rudra's Mines
-Sword of the Valiant (night)
-Between Two Worlds
-Crime of the Heart
-Ride on the Breeze
-Evil Eyes
-Earth Bound
-Holiday in the Village
-Waiting for the Moon
-Whistle Down the Wind
-Place in the Sun
-King of the Mountain
-Edge of Darkness
-Battle of the Last Enemy ~ Evolution
-Beyond the Rising Moon (part 1)